As National Institute of Neurological and Allied Sciences, we are continually striving to prevent paralysis and disabilities for neurological disorders. Through timely effective treatment, we pioneer at care, and provide excellent neurological services with state of the art technology.

Nestled in Kathmandu Valley , Nepal we envision harnessing quality care and top service in our field of Medicine, specializing in Neurosurgery.


We extend to cater:

  • A world class Neurosurgical Team, Operating Theater facilities and Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
  • An outstanding Neurology Department
  • Excellent training of technical Human Resources within our adept Medical Team
  • Research relevant to the needs of our region, providing recommendation for evidence based interventions

    All our services are upto international standards and compete with globally recognized institutions.

A patient with a potential paralysing or life threatening ailment of the brain or the spinal cord, can recover completely and return as a productive member to society. Only if effective treatment is accessible and provided on time. At Neuro Hospital, we offer proper care and services through the help of a well-trained Neurosurgical team, supervised by Dr. Upendra Devkota. The neurosurgery team is supported by a Neurology Department, lead by Dr. Lekhjung Thapa. We are a team of doctors, nurses and most importantly, attendants to patients. We strenuously strive to deliver impeccable care to various neurological disorders to create the best possible environment for patient recovery.

The National Institute of Neurology and Allied Sciences :

  • Employs trained on-call consultants from several different medical disciplines, to assist staff as well as physicians in the diagnosis and treatment of patients
  • Provides quality neurological services based on the appropriate use of new, inventive technology sensitive to the socio-economic realities of our patients
  • Encourages an environment for Dr Upendra Devkota to pass on his extensive neurosurgical experience to his associates and trainees.
  • will be instrumental in realising the vision of regional collaboration in all three facets of neurosciences ; services, training and research.

Our Importance

Population based studies project the annual requirement for neurological consultations in Nepal is approximately 1.5 million, and that for neurosurgical procedures about 25,000. The existing Neurosciences facilities in Nepal have been able to tend to less than 10% of the need. Neuro Hospital makes a major contribution towards meeting this shortage in services.

Our institution is a bubble, away from the busy bustle of Kathmandu city. Our patients receive the best care through our luscious and green environment of Neuro hospital.